Dig for Ruby is a thrift store that sells new and pre owned
designer handbags, shoes, accessories and more.

Return / Refund / Exchange Policy

We have a strict no return, refund or exchange policy. Not everyone is comfortable with thrift items, pre-used or stock items, if you fall within this category we advise you go for new items or visit the store to see what you are buying. As online store specializing in selling, swapping and trading new and pre-owned fashion and household goods/items. We help people flip new and used items via our platform and as such we will not be liable nor responsible for any issue that may arise from any transaction carried out on behalf of people through our platform, be it issues relating to faulty or un-true disclosure of the state of the item purchased via our. Buyers are advised to see item(s) before making purchase/payment. However, some buyers are comfortable with product(s) displayed for sale via our platform and for convenience purpose request item(s) be delivered to them. If this is the case, purchases are made at buyer's risk. 

The items we hold inventory on (that is items we buy to sell)  are free of defects, but if by chance you notice any defect on our products, that may have happened because of the way our products are bundled and shipped into the country as some of our products come in BALES. We are concerned about the products we sell and we will NOT deliberately sell items with defects. The colours of our products may differ depending on the resolution of the gadget in which our product was viewed. We always ensure to include the color of our product in the description. Exchange will only be welcomed and accepted only if there is a reasonable reason such as defects.

If you have a complain about any of our products, we advise that you bring that to our notice within 1-3 days after items have been delivered, and not after item has been used. Complains on items will not be honored after 3 days of delivery. There will be no exchange or returns of items. However, we will ensure to provide you with items that are in good condition and free of defects. 

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