Dig for Ruby is a thrift store that sells new and pre owned
designer handbags, shoes, accessories and more.

Support a Cause

As part of the vision and values of the organization, Dig for Ruby will extend her charitable work in fighting poverty by extending her kind gestures to some charitable causes. 

A portion of our monthly earnings is apportioned to a charitable work. Donations are also opened to all including our customers who have clothing, shoes, bags, household items etc they no longer make use of. Those items can either be given to the needy or we sell them off at a token to raise money for a cause. If you don’t have items that you are no longer in use of, financial donations are also welcomed. 

Every good act is charity. What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others and the world, remains with us and it is immortal.

Our activities in this regard will be shared on our social media pages. The smallest action can make a big difference. Join the movement. 

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